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DayZ : Official Alpha Launch Day Arrives
Fans of zombie action will want to head to Steam to grab a copy of DayZ as the alpha launch day has arrived. Players can gain early access to the game with a one-time purchase.KEY FEATURES IN ALPHA•Chernarus - 230 sq. km chunk of post soviet state, featuring deep forests, cities, villages, abandoned military bases, and more..•Up to 40 players per server - Rich server / client architecture developed from scr... read more
MechWarrior Online : End-of-Year Retrospective Published
Piranha Games has published its look back at MechWarrior Online's 2013 along with a bit of forward-looking news for 2014. The team is hard at work on UI 2.0, Community Warfare, a new game play mode called "skirmish" and much more. In addition, Community Warfare packs have gone on sale that include boosts and more.Community Warfare:The first set of features for Community Warfare have been broken down and reviewed by e... read more
Vindictus : Hurk - A Hero Full of Rage has teamed up with Nexon to bring our users a first look at Hurk, a hero full of rage. We've got exclusive information and a great new Hurk video to share so hop through the link and check it out.Hurk, a mysterious new mercenary, may look like a handsome young adventurer, but he hides a dark secret. He's often found in the shadowy corners of inns, brooding over a mug of ale. Other warriors know to avoid hi... read more
Neverwinter : Free Promo Pack Giveaway!
In celebration of the recently released module for Neverwinter – Shadowmantle – MMORPG has for readers a special title pack, granting players a brand new character title and consumable items to make their journey into the Dread Ring an event to be prepared for.Each gift pack will grant the in game title "Just Thayin" as well as many other free in game items! read more
Fair Game : Guilds, How to Make Friends and Influence People
Guilds are an integral part of most MMOs but there is a right way and, conversely, a wrong way to go about putting a guild together. Read our latest Fair Game to find out more. Leave your thoughts on guilds in the comments.-Begin at the beginning: Who, what, and whyBefore you start designing heraldry or making plans for matching gear, it’s important to decide what kind of guild you actually want. To do that, yo... read more
EverQuest : Help Choose the Next Race / Class Combo
In preparation for EverQuest's fifteenth anniversary, the team has put a query out to players to help choose the next race / class combo that will be placed in the game. Each week, players will choose their favorite race/class from a preset bracket with winners moving on to the next level.Want to pick the next EverQuest Race and Class Combination? Now is your chance! To kick off the epic celebration of EverQuest's 15... read more
WildStar : The First Fifteen Minutes - WildStar Beta
You know how you can tell if a game is going to grab you in the first fifteen minutes of playing? That's the aim of this new series, with WildStar getting the treatment. Here are JUST the first fifteen minutes, from character creation to tutorial, uncut and uncensored. What do you think of Carbine's MMO?(The numbers on the screen are a watermark on all beta clients to prevent NDA breaking and track breakers. We have ... read more
WildStar : The Spellslinger - Gotta Love the Space Cowboy
Information about WildStar has come largely from Carbine Studios....until this week. We're continuing our coverage with a look today at the Spellslinger. Read on!The best way I can describe the Spellslinger is a ranged rogue style class. You do not where heavy armor, you do not charge into battle. You more or less stand on the outsides and blast away with some devastating attacks. All of the combat in WildStar is are... read more
EverQuest Next : Explaining It All
A separate pair of interesting features cropped up last week to help explain exactly what EverQuest Next: Landmark is and how it differs from EverQuest Next itself. We take a look at what was revealed and offer a few thoughts. Read on and then head to the comments to chat.The first video, which is embedded below, shows Dave Georgeson explaining some of the features of the game. The promo explains the premise and the ... read more
Anarchy Online : Holiday Membership Offers
Funcom has sent out an offer that many Anarchy Online fans won't want to pass up. The team is offering some awesome membership sales including free game time on purchase of a subscription.Christmas is underway in Anarchy Online! Play now to take part in the special holiday event and meet both Santaleet and Gingerleet. Christmas is a time for presents so everyone will get a gift-wrapped leet morph as a free gift and M... read more
Wizardry Online : New Wikia Site Reveals Character Information
The Wizardry Online Wikia site has been updated with tons of new information about classes in the game as well as new information about the chat system that will be featured. The new details will emerge when the site is officially updated at 3 pm PDT/6 pm EDT.Fighter characters are easy to play due to their high HP and excellent balance between attack and defense. By leveling up, Fighters can specialize in either att... read more
Guild Wars 2 : The Lost Shores & Beyond
ArenaNet's Chris Whiteside has written a brand new post on the official Guild Wars 2 site that begins with a discussion of the recent Lost Shores live event. From there, he goes on to provide fans with some hints about exciting things yet to come for the very popular game.Here’s a general rundown of what we are working towards over the upcoming months:•Revamping all of our existing dungeons (Story and Expl... read more
The Devil's Advocate : The Burden of Freedom
Now that Star Wars: The Old Republic has presented players with a 'free to play' option, many are thinking of trying it out. But, as they say, caveat emptor. In our Devil's Advocate column today, we examine the 'F2P' option and offer some thoughts. Read on before joining the conversation in the comments.Quem deus vult, perdere, dementat prius.Sometimes misattributed to Euripedes, this quote means, “Whom the god... read more
RaiderZ : Review In Progress - Part 3
We continue our series of articles about RaiderZ that will culminate with our final and official review. This week, we examine the cash shop and RaiderZ's end game. See what we have to say and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.Free-to-play titles will always have a cash shop; I don't think I have ever come across one which does not. Whether the cash shop is imperative or not, is down to the publi... read more
Conquer Online : Free Newbie Pack Gift Keys!
What makes you confused? To fight for the aggressive Pirate or the lightning Ninja? You will know as you grow. TQ Digital, together with MMOPRG, brings the fantastic gift packs to boost newbies' development. And let your faith be known in the Faction Battles, soon!The gift pack contains below items:•Full set of Super Equipment including Armor, Headgear, Necklace, Weapon, Boots, Ring and Talisman!•Full set o... read more
The Secret World : The Price of Progress
In this week's The Secret World column, we take a look at the price of a monthly subscription. It's an age-old discussion any more but we have a unique take on it that we think you'll appreciate. Read on and then lend your voice to the conversation in the comments.This isn't to say that I don't want to play TSW; I want to join my friends online, who seem to put a dedicated effort into tackling group content and shoot... read more
Firefall : The Brontodon Revealed
The Firefall website has been updated with a new 'creature feature' that shines the spotlight on one of the game's monsters. This time, we meet the Brontodon, products of genetic experimentation by humankind.Brontodons are a unique addition to the bestiary of New Eden, as they are the product of man rather than of nature. The end result of genetic experiments designed to help feed humanity during the Nine Year Winter... read more
World of Warcraft : Day of the Dead Arrives
World of Warcraft players have two days to take part in the Day of the Dead celebrations that are ongoing throughout the game world. There are new activities to participate in, new recipes and achievements and much more.Dance with CatrinaLet us cherish and honor the ghostly presence of those we have lost, so that they might eat and drink and smile and know that they are loved. Dance with Catrina, and you will be tran... read more
Michael Bitton : The Disney Deal
George Lucas has sold the Lucas empire to Disney for the sum of $4.05 billion and we've got some thoughts to share on the subject, including what it could mean for MMO fans and SWTOR going forward.From reading reactions around the internets, it seems that most people are reacting fairly well to this news. Honestly, when it comes to Star Wars, George Lucas essentially retired (with regards to Star Wars) after the orig... read more
Guild Wars 2 : November Preview & Notes from Our Live Stream
The fun never ends with ArenaNet and the Guild Wars 2 team. During the Live Stream event with our own Pokket and Colin Johanson, the team posted a preview of what's in store for November. Following the stream, the most salient notes were posted over on the Guild Wars 2 Reddit. NOVEMBER - The Lost Shores Something stirs in the Sea of Sorrows… Unravel a mystery of monstrous proportions in The Lost Shores, a mass... read more


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